How To Use Brave Browser with a Dark Theme

Hi Kids,
It’s been a while, but I’ve got something cool for you today. If you like Brave, the privacy-centric browser that’s shares an ancestor with Chrome, then you are probably aware that there isn’t a dark theme available for it yet… or really an extensions platform as of now. It’s still rough out here, but as it turns out Brave is pretty easy to modify. From what I can tell, the Brave team is already working on bundled, switchable Dark/Light themes for the browser but it isn’t available publicly yet. I took a quick stab at a dark menu bar (basically a partial theme) and am making it available until they release the official dark theme.

You can see my public GitHub repository here.

Please note: I have customized this on a Mac, have only tested it on a Mac, and only built a quick app launcher for macOS. Your results may vary, but feel free to customize it as you see fit!

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See All CRON Tasks On Your Server At Once

Howdy Folks,
Here’s another little tip I picked up on the internet that helped me out in a big way. If you ever find yourself in need of seeing a list of CRON tasks for every user on your linux server, you can run the code below:

for user in $(cut -f1 -d: /etc/passwd); do crontab -u $user -l; done

I find this especially helpful moving websites to completely new servers, as you never know what little helpers have been setup for seemingly innocuous tasks.

Love, peace, and cheese.

Code Snippets: Sudo Your Last Command [NSFW]

Hey Guys and Gals,
Here’s a little snippet I find handy whenever I’m working on the command line, forget to sudo, and feel like an idiot. Throw this badboy in your .bashrc (or .profile for you mac nerds):

# i'm an idiot
alias fuck='sudo $(history -p \!\!)'

And that’s it! Now when you forget to sudo with a complicated command, you can just type ‘fuck’ and throw in your password. Don’t forget to source your .bashrc once you’re done. I can’t take original credit for this, but I’ve used it for so long, I’m not sure where I originally came across it. If you happen to know, throw it in the comments below!

Later Skaters,

An SSH SOCKS Proxy How To

Today a new firefox plugin, “Firesheep” was released. There aren’t really any new developments in this plugin, except that it makes it easy to hijack browser sessions. (We’re talking Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, anything with a login that’s not fully encrypted) Now, before you go all crazy, this is actually a good thing. It’s more than a proof-of-concept. This is how those black hat “leets” have been messing with people in coffee shops for years… and now anyone can. So before the huge wave of people try messing with your foursquare, here’s how you truly protect yourself: An SSH SOCKS proxy!

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BIOS Hotswap with LT Hartly

Welcome back to the site. Today we’ve got an excellent little fix for you… a BIOS hotswap! A friend of mine, LT namely, had a BIOS flash go awry and we decided it would be a fun project for the site. Now, we found out later that a new BIOS chip cost us less than the tool we bought, but that’s beside the point. We did this for the fact that we could!

Now, be warned that putting metal objects into a computer that is currently running is extremely dangerous, and YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT THIS. You have been warned. Aside from tempting death, the process itself is pretty simple.

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