A small collection of my ongoing projects. I’m a busy guy that’s always got a flavor of the month. This page could honestly be a mile long, so only a few are listed here.

Current Squeeze

A new currency and service system. Vaporwave Dave is back, and he’s launching something f*cking crazy.


Web Games

Tribal Council is a fantasy sports league style system based around the reality show SURVIVOR. With a ton of players every season, it’s emerged as a leader and taste-maker in the SURVIVOR Fantasy League community.

Sh*tty Robot Fighting League
A game about a game. Sign up for free and bet on the worst automated robot fights ever streamed on Twitch! If you bust out, you’ll be reset to 100 credits. Plus, there are plenty of terrible bots setup to play against you.


Music Projects

Vaporwave Dave
Dave is a friend that I help out with projects from time to time. Kid’s putting a fresh spin on the Vaporwave genre.

Spotify | Bandcamp

Mighty Mic-B
A collection of my light hearted rap music over the years. With over 40 music videos on YouTube and a ton of tracks on Bandcamp, there’s plenty to listen to.

YouTube | BandCamp | SoundCloud