About Mighty Mic-B

Composer. Rapper. Developer.

mic-b, rapper, producer, developer

He's an award winning music composer, web developer, and rapper. Apart from repeatedly flip-flopping on the oxford comma, he's also won many accolades over the years: from rap battles and film awards to online video competitions and back. Aside from his life in media, he's an accomplished expert-level Web Developer and digital strategist who excels at delivering success for his clientele.

"What are you doing in my office" - New York Times
"Might be gay" - Ex Girlfriend
"Mind blowing" - Abe Lincoln

Past Projects

K2 Skis
Van's Sneakers
Horizon Dairy
International Delight
Sir Bananas
Quarterly Forum
ERA Landmark
Silk Soymilk
Beano's Sauces
Mystery Ranch Backpacks
HATCH Festival
kula Fundraising
KGLT Radio
Majorcraft America
I and Love and You
Curious Chef
Diet 2 Go
Montana Mex
Bozeman Birth Center
Cafe Courier